Google also fails on standards

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The google chrome team published a webbook entitled “20 things I learned about browsers & the web”. It’s nice and pretty with beautiful drawings and interesting content. However, there was a distasteful yellow header on the page while I was viewing the page in my current browser of choice: luakit telling me that I needed a modern browser to see the book and all its features:


Well, luakit may not support everything I guessed. Let us use firefox (well technically, iceweasel but it’s just firefox with another name, it should be recognized as firefox by any intelligent website). Same verdict:


OK, I followed the link at the top telling me what modern browsers meant. It listed firefox but also opera. I like opera. And I have the latest alpha of it. Just let me launch it and… nothing better:


So I guess they do user-agent sniffing and they are bad at it. Let us try luakit with chrome’s user-agent string. Hey it works! And there is a new feature: some kind of red bookmark that shows sharing possibility when I hover it…

luakit as chrome

Conclusion: still the same: sniffing user-agent is bad: it prevents my browser from doing what it can do and you pretend it cannot. Please don’t do it (and if you are Apple or Google, be fair to your competitors).

Written on 19 November 2010 by Emmanuel