Apple and standards, Fail!

standards and en

OK, Apple, that’s nice that safari supports html5. It is good that apple promotes standards. But please, don’t cripple others experience based on your assumptions. I don’t use safari but my browser is quite good with html5. (Depending on the moment, my browser is midori, opera or iceweasel. Safari is not a choice since although I have a PC, safari for PC seems to only come in windows flavor).

What made me react: presents demos of what can be done with html5. Great I’ll test. Result:

midori warning

So, you noticed that my browser was not safari but failed to notice that Safari will not install on my operating system. Fail. More importantly, this is standard you are talking about, it means that it does not require a specific browser but should work with all browsers implementing said standards. Whatever, I let midori identify itself as safari and everything works fine:

midori succeeding

This demo does not show how safari supports web standard, I would need a screencast for that (or an iPad, not provided with your website). However I saw the demo and I am pleased with what can be done with web standards. Conclusion, it just works in my own browser. Safari does not work on my platform so why don’t you allow me to experience your nice website/demo.

The same goes against I have to mask the identity of my browser to use the video player. I don’t have flash but my browsers play html5 nicely. Why do you sniff the identity of my browser to prevent me from seeing your awesome work? Don’t you know that sniffing browsers is bad and that the correct way to do is to test browser abilities rather than name? Check they know what my browser can play and allow me to use it the way I want. So Apple, jilion and others, unless you want to come back to dark ages of bork, you should maybe have a look at things like that tells me “Your browser can play both Ogg Theora and H.264 video. Hey, you can play WebM video, too!”.

Written on 05 June 2010 by Emmanuel